Discover My 4 Step System For Focus And Direction In your life


First we have to evaluate where you are in your life now. What is holding you back, what concerns you have.

Get Creative

Time to decided what you do want.

Design a Plan

A goal without a plan is just a wish

Take Action

Take Action but with support and accountability.


My Life Audit Is Free And Like A Mini Stock Take But For Your Life.


Having good Emotional Health is a vital part of life. It can impact on all areas of your life, behaviour, habits, emotions, actions or lack of action.

Gain some clarity over confusion, uncover your true potential and build resilience to be and do what you want in your life.

With a combination of training, skills and science Jacquie will help you get to the root cause of unwanted emotions allowing you to see there are difference options in life. This will then give you a better focus and direction for your future.

Affordable, Flexible, Training and Mentoring.

90  DAYS  £630

180  DAYS  £1080

1 YEAR 365 DAYS £1825

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Do you need to release blocks in your life, Negative Memories, Trauma, Unwanted Emotions, Anxiety and Loss of your identity.

Are you doubting yourself with negative self talk, fear of failure, fear of success.

Are you wanting something more in your life but you have no idea what that is.

Do you find you are fighting with your inner chocolate Monster, food craving and the scales

Are past relationships holing you back from have new ones.

Is you career causing you stress. Either working for someone else or being self employed or wanting to go self employed

I have a range of programs to help.

Your Amazing Year

12 months where we can cover all areas for your life. You will get 1-2-1 Mentoring for a full years plus you will have access to all my training courses below.

Limited numbers available

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1 Hour Power Hour

60-Minutes where can talk through any concerns you have at that current time.

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4 Week Goal Setting Course

This course allow you to move on from the Life Balance Course where you get to discuss your findings, set some goals with some fun and some accountability.

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Let Go of Fears or Phobias

From 60 minutes where we can discuss anything that is causing you stress and worry in your life.

Fear – is about what are you saying to yourself that you can not do or have .

Phobias- What is you scared of Spider, Animals, Heights, Flying .

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Change work with IEMT

3 sessions over 3 weeks

Do you find your past is preventing you from having the future you want. IEMT helps release Negative Memories, Trauma, Unwanted Emotions, Anxiety and Change Of Identity.

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Career and Business Programmes

Are you looking for a new career but you have no idea what that is.?
Are you self employed, starting out but feeling stuck ?
Are you established in a job or self employed wanting a plan and accountability?
I offer a range of programmes to suit . Just get in contact.

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8 Week Healthy Mind & Body Game

We only have one body and if you find yourself not liking the way you look, lack confidence in yourself, would like to take back control of food cravings and get you mindset and body working together is the programme for you.

This is not a ‘Diet’ This is an understanding of how the mind and body work together.

We cover habits, beliefs, willpower, sleep, time management and so much more.

You will experience hypnotherapy, mindfulness, eft tapping just to name a few tools and techniques available.

It is group support once a week over 8 week 60-90 minute sessions with home play.

It is game, challenging you to get to the next level.

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30’s Singleton Confidence Course

Do you feel like there is something wrong with you as you are single?

Are questioning and doubting yourself?

Do you fear rejection because of past relationships?

First there is nothing wrong with you but it can be confusing establishing who you are and who you want to come into your life.

This is a fun course over 5 nights where we cover blocks, negative past events, getting your mindset and environment ready to welcome your future.

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Career Changes

Are you in a job that you like but just don’t love. We spend 1/2 our life at work and life is to short doing something we only like.

Are you wanting to branch out on your own. Going self employed or are already self employed looking for focus and direction .

Received 1-2-1 bespoke mentoring to suit your needs.

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Money Mindset

Do you have money blocks. Do you feel certain things are out of reach. Would you like to change this belief about yourself. This is the course for you.

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Time Management

Do You Find You Do Not Have Enough Hours In The Day?

Would You Like To Learn Some Simple Tricks To Take Back Control Of You Time?

Take My Short Course In Time Management Today.

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Building Your Resilience

Are You Finding You Are Having More Bad Days Than Good Days?

Take Steps To Look After Your Wellbeing And The Pressures Of Life By Developing Your Emotional Resilience.

Take My Short Course On Building Your Resilience Today.

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Overcome Anxiety

Is Anxiety Preventing Your From Living Your Life?

Find Out Exactly What Anxiety Is, How To Cope With It And How To Move Away From It.

Take My Short Course And Overcome Anxiety Today.

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Learning To Say NO!

Do You Have Trouble Saying ‘NO’?

Do You End Up Doing Things You Really Don’t Want To Do?

How Would It Feel To Able You To Say No Without Any Guilt?

Take My Short Course On Learning To Say NO!

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Clarity Call

I offer a free 20 minutes clarity call where you can ask questions with no obligation. I understand talking to someone about how you feel can be a daunting.

Maybe you do not know what you want but you know you want to make changes in your life.

This clarity call give you the chance to find out where I can help and recommend the correct programme for you.


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