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Release Fears, Phobias And Anxiety

Fear is one of the biggest obstacle people can face in life. There is 2 types of Fear, Anxiety and Phobia.
This is to do with a limiting belief. Something you are saying to yourself that you can not do or have.

Phobia Is seeing something and immediately you are overwhelmed with fear. Anxiety Is slower, gradual building up of fear. People use pictures or movies inside their mind of terrible things, focusing on the worst case scenario, worry and panic.

Anxiety is not emotion. It is an over-arousal of the autonomic nervous system caused by underlying
emotions. When these underlying emotions are resolved, the over-arousal of the
autonomic nervous system reduces and the anxiety is greatly alleviated.

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4 weeks Life Purpose And Goal Setting £397

Are you lacking confidence and direction in your life?
Are you wondering what to do next?
Has life thrown you a curve ball?
What if I told you, you had complete trust and confidence in yourself. What would you achieve then?
The career or business you always wanted.
Clarity and direction for your future.
The work-life balance.
Healthy mind and body
And you loved and valued yourself.
Let me show you how this is possible.

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6 Week Dating Confidence Course

There are 6 human needs and one of them is love and belonging. So finding your soul mate is a human need. Dating is about having confidence and one of the hardest thing about dating is your confidence can often take a beating. Rejection, fear of rejections and not felling good enough for another person.

Love Yourself First.

So many people look to other people for acceptance. “ when I have a relationship, I will feel complete”. This will not happen until you love yourself first. When you love yourself, it becomes easier for you to say no to people and things that do not align with your value.

And you loved and valued yourself.
Let me show you how this is possible.

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Personal Coaching

So many people are happy to talk about how they go to the gym and workout. Taking care for their physical health but when it comes to how they emotionally feel, many people stay quiet.

This could be through not knowing who to talk to or fear being judged.

Talking to a doctor or taking pills is not the only answer.

I am trained in a number Personal Development tools and techniques.

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1-2-1 Business Coaching

A Business Coach is there to support, encourage and give you clarity. As a Business owner you are responsible for the vision and execution of your ideas. Growth is so important for the longevity of your business. When you spend your time working ‘IN’ the business it can be very easy to lose sight of why you have your own business in the first place.

I offer a range of packages to help. I am based in Reading Berkshire but I do offer Zoom sessions so it does not matter where you are located.

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