It is Like a little bit of you going home with a client.

Within the Hair and Beauty Industry if you have spent time doing a Beautiful Colour or amazing facial and your client then uses something that she can clean the oven with, Is that best customer service?

Our job is not just about the time we spend with a client, it is also about the time we are not with that client. A lot of people have loads of unused products in their bathroom cupboard, where they have purchased and not liked. Think of the money that has been spent and not used.

On this page I am going to offer a range of products I work with and would recommend.

FM Cosmetics – I have worked with this company for Over 9 years. It offer a range of beauty products Perfume, Aftershave, Skin care, Hair care , Make up , Coffee, Vitamins, and Household products.

When I first started working with FM they have half the products they do now and they are constantly adding.