Personal Coaching

So many people are happy to talk about how they go to the gym and workout. Taking care for their physical health but when it comes to how they emotionally feel, many people stay quite. This could be through not knowing who to talk to or fear being judged. Talking to a doctor or taking pills is not the only answer.

I am trained in a number Personal Development tools and techniques.

Here are Some of the areas where I can support you.

Negative Memories, Including PTSD

Unwanted Emotions – Anxiety, Anger, Guilt, Remorse, Frustration

Loss of Identity

Fear/ Phobia – example spiders, animals, heights , flying, public speaking, social get togethers

Bad Habits – diet ,food cavings, emotional eating

Self Esteem and Confidence

Stress Management / Relaxation

Relationships Challenges and Conflict

Self Sabotage

Whatever your concerns are they are all about your present state. You were not born with these emotions, they have been something you have learnt. The good thing about learning , you can always learn something new.

As you are very much aware these feelings did not happen overnight. So when It come to working with you it would be wrong of me to say I can make all the difference in just one session.

I offer the following Programmes

Free 20 Minutes Clarity Call 07940909708

I understand speaking to someone you do not know about your challenges can be overwhelming. That is why we can have a chat without any commitment. You can ask your questions and I can then advise you on options.

IEMT stands for Integral Eye Movement Therapy.

When your past is holding you back from enjoying your future it can have have a massive hold on how you feel emotionally.

When you have good memories they are time stamped and you can remember when they were.

When you have negative memories including PTSD they are not time stamped which means you can feel the emotions today even if they happened years ago.

IEMT allows us to address the unwanted emotions without asking loads of intrusive questions by working with Eye Movement. Very Powerful, enlightening and empowering.

IEMT is over 4 Steps

Step 1- Consultation Form

Step 2 – 60-90 minute session

Step 3- within 7-10 days of Step 2 60-90 minutes

Step 4- Follow up Session 3/4 weeks later.


Life can be very busy and confusing sometime and you can lose sight of your purpose. Maybe you do not even know what that is.

Do you put everyone else first before yourself ? Do you question who you are and what you want from your life?

When we were younger we all had a plan. Go to school, Get a job, Find a partner of our dreams, have a family and THEN WHAT ? No one ever told us about the THEN WHAT.

I would like to support you in finding your THEN WHAT

This is over 6 sessions 1 session a week exploring your WHY!

Giving you clarity with written plan of action and accountability.


A big barrier to people not really enjoying life, can be they do not like the way that they look. We have all heard the saying ‘ eat less, move more ‘ and if we all did this we would be slim and healthy living a fabulous life.

This is not the case for everyone. How we think can have a massive result on how we feel. Emotions can lead us into unwanted habit and behaviours. Unless we address these nothing will change. 40 % of what we do each day is to habit, we do it without even thinking about it. Over our lifetime we have all been feed mixed messages about food, diets and health. Did you know that within 6 weeks most ‘diets ‘ Fail.

Have you ever been on a ‘Diet’ and have it fail?. How horrible were you to yourself then? I an unless, I am fat, I have no self control. sound familiar?

This is a horrible and negative way to think about yourself. It becomes a vicious circle.


Healthy Mind And Body Game is not Like any other programme out there.

First of all it is a Game. We all like a game as it is challenges us to get to the next level.

It addresses all mix messages in our life including old habits and behaviours.

We work on the mind, your self esteem and confidence

It includes NLP, Hypnotherapy, EFT Tapping , Law Of Attraction and more.

Your Investment is

1-2-1 Sessions bespoke coaching over 6 weeks £497

Group Coaching sessions over 8 weeks £99 per person

+ £50 that you have to put to one side at the beginning of the game. If you stick to the rules of the game you can win back. If not you have to give to charity of your choice.

Contact Jacquie on 07940909708 for the next start of the game.