What is a Business Coach

A Business Coach is there to support, encourage and give you clarity. As a Business owner you are responsible for the vision and execution of your ideas. Growth is so important for the longevity of your business. When you spend your time working ‘IN’ the business it can be very easy to lose sight of why you have your own business in the first place.

What are your goals?

Who is your idea client?

What strategies do you have in place to Support you?

Maybe you do not know what they are or where to start. Maybe you have an idea but you are putting it off, as Time is your biggest issue.

This is where a business coach can support you. Sometimes you are so emotionally attached to your business that having someone look at it with fresh eyes can give you ideas you have not even thought of.

I offer a range of packages to help. I am based in Reading Berkshire but I do offer Zoom sessions so it does not matter where you are located.

What are your biggest concerns right now?

What would it mean to you, if they were no longer a concern?

There are 2 main areas of our life Personal and Business. You happen to be the most important person in your life and if you do not look after yourself then the shit can hit the fan. Your emotions can have a huge impact on your actions. The most powerful words you will ever hear are the word you are saying to yourself….. You are listen. What are you saying, what are you feeling right now?

In work we are told to act a certain way. If you own a business, then you always have to act cool, calm and collected regardless of the situation or how you feel. If you are in customer service, you are trained that the customer is always right, no matter how your emotions are effected . Workloads have got heavier with mobile phones, no cut off and with emails coming in at night can be very overwhelming. Numbing how you feel is not always healthy and can effect how you function in work and at home.

You can spend half our life at work and with mobile phones that could be more. Getting a balance is so important.
Here are some of challenges you may face at work.

Clash of personality
Low motivation and job satisfaction
Performance issues
Time management

If you get made redundant or asked to leave a position that can have a huge impact on your life. When you decide to leave a company, it is your choice, but when you have been asked to leave, especially when you have been doing a good job. It can hurt! The Rejection, the feeling you are not good enough. The company could of been making financial structure changes and it was not about your own personal performance, even though it felt very personal can have a massive impact of future careers and self esteem.
Stress Is Not Time Restrictive. Your personal and business is not time bound. Your personal life does not just switch off as soon you go to work and your Business life does not switch off when you go home. It would be amazing if it did, but let be honest, it doesn’t.

Stress can effect every area of your life. Being able to talk to someone, with No judgement, can be the best thing you can do.

I am a trained Mental Health First Aider which means I can support your business with stress management as well as clarity and direction.

Every business is different. I offer a free 20 minute clarity call where we can discuss your concerns and work out a programme to suit you. Call 07940909708 or email jacquie@jacquiecase.com

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